Product Firmware Update

Important Notes:

1. In no event shall the company be held liable to customers for damages of any kind resulting from use or loss of use of this software.
2. The company shall also not be held liable for any disputes between the customer and third parties resulting from any use or loss of use of this software.
3. Before updating the firmware, install Smart Organizing Monitor and the printer driver using the CD-ROM provided with the machine.
4. To make sure that a firmware update has successfully completed, print the configuration page before and after the update.
5. Disconnect FAX/TEL cables from the machine before running a firmware update.
6. Never disconnect the USB cable during a firmware update.
7. Do not make copies, printing, or scanning during a firmware update.
8. If necessary, modify power management settings on your computer in advance so that the computer will not enter standby or sleep mode during a firmware update.

Update Procedure:

To update the firmware, use the Smart Organizing Monitor from Windows.

1. On the [Start] menu, click [All Programs].
2. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP 200 Series].
3. Click [Smart Organizing Monitor for SP 200 Series Status].
4. If the machine you are using is not selected, click [Select Device…], and
5. then select the machine’s model.
6. Click [OK].
7. On the [User Tool] tab, click [Printer Configuration].
8. On the [System] tab, click [Printer Firmware Update…]
9. Click [OK].
10. Specify the location of the DWN file, and then click [Open].
11. After a message is displayed on the Smart Organizing Monitor to indicate that the firmware update has completed, turn the machine’s power Off and then On again.

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